Turn Key Automation and Robotics Integrator
Turn Key Automation and Robotics Integrator

IntelliKinetics' Knoxville Tennessee USA Plant is located in the heart of East Tennessee's manufacturing region. Our design, development and production facility is flexible and quickly adaptable to meet specific needs. Our capabilities span a broad range of products and industries.  With over a quarter of a Million square feet under roof, the operation is suitable to numerous processes and automation projects.  As a full service, turn key machine builder and automation company,  IntelliKinetics provides automated machines and systems featuring servos, robots, lasers, and presses including high speed and large scale automation systems.  We now provide fully automated presses and solutions in concert with Denmark's Kiermar Technologies.  IntelliKinetics is a preferred integrator for Kawasaki Robotics including 6 axis and high speed delta robots.

Products & Services

We are a builder of highly automated machines and Presses and a full service robotics integrator.  We comfortably utilize the cutting-edge technologies that are a challenge or impossibility for most machine builders.  Our core technologies include mulit-axis and single axis servo motion control; laser measurement, cutting, welding and marking; machine vision guidance and inspection systems and of course SCARA, cartesion and joint articulated robotics integration. Ever dream of fully electric production lines without the cost and continuous maintenance of pneumatic and hydraulic systems?  We can make that dream a reality. Learn more about the innovative automation systems and services available from Intelligent Kinetics. 

IntelliKinetics: Automated Machine Builder, Press Builder and Robotics Integrator.

Who We Are:

We are a unique team dedicated to the design, development and implementation of innovative automated industrial and commercial solutions.   Bring us your need and our dedicated team in Knoxville will provide the automated solution.
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